Why fanny-packs are called fanny packs?

Do you ever wonder Why fanny packs are called fanny packs?

The trend of fanny packs is becoming strong day by day. According to Beth Goldstein, an industry analyst of fashion footwear and accessories, the Fanny-packs trade quadrupled nationwide increase in the coming years.

As obvious, all of you will think to follow the trend and want to use this fanny-pack. But before buying, you must aware of the reason why these fanny packs are called fanny packs.

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Why fanny-packs are called fanny packs?

Why fanny-packs are called fanny packs?


The meaning of Fanny is different in different languages, countries, and cultures. Here Fanny means the part of the body that you sit on, tail end, backside, or bum. However, the bags are named according to their properties and their mode of usage. Fanny is also a given name to this bag.


  • A Small Fabric bag.
  • Securing a Zipper and a belt/strap.
  • worn around the waistline.

Country-wise they are called:

  • Belt Bag, Bum Bag (UK, Australia, New Zealand)
  • Belly Bag, Waist Bag (US)
  • Moon Bag (South Africa)

While in Canada and the US, the name Fanny-Pack is admissible because the word fanny can be taken as offensive in other countries. According to my remembrance, this fanny pack has been known as a belt bag or a bum bag since the mid-1970s.

If you call it fanny-pack in the UK they will laugh at you, because the word fanny has a different value there.

I would like to suggest you call its British name Belt Bag or call it a Waist Bag instead of naming body parts. It creates Childish giggles and smirks when you call it a fanny pack.


History Of Fanny-Packs:

  • In the 1950s, The British invented the title “Bum-Bag” for the Pouches that were worn on the hips or waistline. 
  • The US soon morphed this name into “fanny-Pack”. 
  • In 1954 Sports Illustrated present a fanny pack “designed to take a cross-country skier’s wax and lunch” and also helpful for cyclists, hikers, and equestrians.
  • Perhaps, In the 1960s the original fanny pack was invented to hold tools. It seems that it’s a permanent trend that will never expire.

Features of Fanny-Packs:

  • Comfortable 
  • Multifunctional
  • Flawless Hiding Pockets.
  • Perfect for Travels.
  • Better Stuff.
  • Easy to hold around the waist.

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