10 Best Vera Bradley Backpacks as Diaper Bags

The market is loaded with various backpacks that can be used as diaper bags. But, for mommies who look forward to something colorful, durable, and environment-friendly, Vera Bradley is the go-to brand. It is a women-run company providing its customers with practical and artful stuff. Here we have shortlisted the 10 best Vera Bradley backpacks as diaper bags.

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You’ve become a parent of a wonderful baby whom you happen to introduce to the world. And, for that, you’re bound to move out of your house. So, next, you pack your baby bag, carry it over your shoulder, and hold the baby and some necessary stuff to make your moves. Right? 

But, listen. Are you the same person who wishes they had their hands free while going through this process? You’re not alone here. Every parent deserves to have one of their hands unoccupied and shoulders pain-free. There come the diaper bags to fulfill your wish for freedom.

10 Best Vera Bradley Backpacks as Diaper Bags

Vera Bradley has many products for mommies to pick from. However, in an attempt to shortlist 10 items from an online marketplace, this guide aims to save someone’s time. Sure bags on the list have been primarily designed to be used as diaper backpacks. But some are versatile so that they can be used for similar purposes.

1. Vera Bradley Twill Bedford Plaid Diaper Backpack

Vera Bradley specifically designed this twill bag to cater to mommies. And Mommies, in return, made it stand out as one of the top articles regarding Vera Bradley’s diaper bags. The fact that it easily goes out of stock says it all.

Coming over to the exterior making, twill makes it perfectly waterproof and weather-friendly. So, that’s how it becomes an everyday type of bag. As for any pockets on the outside, it has two insulated side pockets for bottles, 2 slip pockets, and 2 zip pockets. One of the zipped pockets holds a washable diaper changing pad as well. 

Next comes the inner part. And that has been lined with patterned polyester matching the exterior woven fabric. Three internal mesh slip pockets and one padded slip pocket (accommodating a 13″ tablet) are part of the whole package, too. You may keep anything in there that you’ll need to keep your baby happy.


  • Lightweight fabric
  • Durable
  • Easily cleanable inner lining
  • Catchy fabric with subtle colors displayed over a black-and-white background
  • Spacious enough to carry must-haves
  • Has a changing mat included


  • Limited pieces in stock
  • Lack of inner zip pockets

2. Vera Bradley Microfiber Charcoal Diaper Backpack

Vera Bradley Microfiber Charcoal Diaper Backpack

A microfiber exterior makes this bag strong yet soft to the touch. Plus, the fabric used isn’t patterned either. So, it’s suitable for anybody who wants to add something solid to their travel inventory.

This bag is similar and dissimilar to the topmost pick regarding its exterior. It is similar because it has two insulated side pockets for bottles and one front zip pocket. However, it is dissimilar since the front zip pocket has organizers, and the washable changing pad fits into another front slip pocket. Additionally, the overall height of this bag is an inch less than the other.

Coming over to what’s inside, the first noticeable thing is its printed polyester lining. Then, a large zipped pocket. Wait, that’s not all. It also has two elastic mesh pockets and the usual laptop compartment.


  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Washable microfiber exterior
  • The inner polyester lining is also washable
  • The front zip pocket has organizers
  • Perfect for people who don’t like patterned fabrics
  • It has an added ditty bag


  • The changing pad is a little thinner
  • Slightly smaller than number one on the list

3. Vera Bradley Microfiber Mulled Wine Diaper Backpack

Vera Bradley Microfiber Mulled Wine Diaper Backpack

This one is another microfiber bag on the list. So, the fabric traits are similar to the second bag, but the hue is darker and more intense. As for the overall height, it’s the same.

A quick view of the bag reveals two side pockets (elastic) and two front zip pockets. As for the inner side, the lining comes in printed polyester fabric (complementing the outer hue). It accommodates a large zip pocket, a pair of elastic mesh pockets, and a padded laptop compartment. 


  • It comes with a washable changing pad
  • It comes with a ditty bag
  • Is machine washable
  • Both men and women can carry


  • Not a good option for pattern lovers
  • Limited colors available

4. Vera Bradley Paris Plaid Twill XL Backpack

Vera Bradley Paris Plaid Twill XL Backpack

Here’s something for people who’ve always enjoyed checked patterns. The pattern has a sober background with red and foggy white lines (making a check on top). Anybody who doesn’t want solids or bright prints shall buy this article without hesitation. 

Eight options are available in this design. This check patterned piece and one another are the cheapest in this line, although the average price isn’t budget-friendly. As opposed to an average backpack, its height measures 17 inches. 

From the outer side, it can be seen as having the usual side slip pockets, a front slip pocket, and a large zip pocket with another horizontal zip pocket. On top of the bag, you can see three openings, Out of which is the front compartment, then comes the main opening, and then a laptop section. 

All in all, it has many zippers and slip pockets for organizational purposes. The front pocket includes detailing: a) 4 slip pockets, another set of 3 slip pockets for pens, and an ID window. Like other Vera Bradley backpacks, this bag has a printed polyester lining. That, too, is the one that compliments the bag’s exterior.


  • Relatively taller than average backpacks
  • Cleanable polyester inner
  • Ample room for organization
  • A variety of options to choose from
  • It has an inbuilt hidden pocket
  • It is durable and lightweight


  • Isn’t budget friendly

5. Vera Bradley Olive Leaf Twill Backpack

Vera Bradley Olive Leaf Twill Backpack

All eleven articles within this design come within the same price range, i.e., no variations in overall features exist. A customer can, however, pick backpacks with or without patterns. The olive leaf backpack comes in a solid color, the olive leaf color. Like many other backpacks, this bag has an exterior made of quilted polyester twill. That’s why there appear to be stitched boxes over the surface.

The larger zip compartments for this bag are three in number: one in the front, another in the mid, i.e. the main space, and a third hidden pocket at the rear end. The front zipper has added details, including 4 slip pockets, 3 pen slippers, and an ID window. 

Nothing less than a usual backpack setup can be seen regarding what’s inside the main compartment. There are 2 mesh slip pockets; the rest of the space can be used per individual needs. The inner lining, like Vera Bradley backpacks’ format, is made of printed polyester fabric.


  • Weather-friendly and water resistant
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Suitable for everyday use


  • Not budget-friendly (costs $160).
  • The inner compartments aren’t detailed 

6. Vera Bradley Black Featherweight Travel Backpack

Vera Bradley Black Featherweight Travel Backpack

There’s something different about this bag that returns to the recycled cotton fabric used in its making. Out of all the bags that have been enlisted so far, this one stands as the tallest, with a height of 19 inches.

The outer and inner look is simpler than other articles by Vera Bradley. The first look shows two zip pockets and 2 side slip pockets. As for the inner part, there’s only one huge space to pack everything.


  • Is something environment friendly
  • Is machine washable
  • Aptly sized
  • Relatively affordable
  • Same price for all variations
  • With a handy face mask holder clip


  • There are limited options to choose from
  • It is very simple, with less detailing in compartments

7. Vera Bradley Black Recycled Cotton Campus Backpack

Vera Bradley Black Recycled Cotton Campus Backpack

It is the second recycled cotton backpack (50% recycled cotton fiber composition) in order. But, it costs slightly less than the prior ($125). Anybody who looks forward to something that matches with almost anything due to its achromatic properties can invest in this bag.

Although the exterior seems simpler, it isn’t short of zipped compartments. It has 4 prominent zip pockets: a front pocket with another horizontal zip pocket on top, a central main pocket, and a rear zip pocket for tech devices. Side elastic slide pockets are present as well. As for the inner part, there’s a main space that comes with two inbuilt mesh slip pockets.


  • Machine washable product
  • Heightened backpack (17 inches)
  • With two main zipped compartments
  • It has basic zip pockets


  • Instantaneously shows dirt due to black color
  • Pricey for a plain black backpack

8. Vera Bradley Indiana Blossoms Grand Backpack

Vera Bradley Indiana Blossoms Grand Backpack

After saving another $10, you get this beautiful floral backpack in light-up fabric. So, the composition makes this article water-repellant and lightweight.

The outwardly appearing zip pockets resemble the bag listed before this piece. They are four in number. However, a difference lies in what’s inside, i.e. the two slide pockets aren’t made of elastic mesh.


  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Affordable for a beautifully printed backpack
  • Weather friendly
  • Suitable for wipe cleaning
  • It comes with a good height of 16 inches
  • Caters organization with pockets for pens, files, and tech devices


  • Less durable than polycarbonate fabrics
  • Fathers might not want to carry a floral bag

9. Vera Bradley Cloud Vine Campus Totepack Backpack

Vera Bradley Cloud Vine Campus Totepack Backpack

This backpack comes with recycled, lightened-up fabric. The former had polyester in its composition. However, this bag marks the difference with a 50% recycled plastic fabric composition. As for the pattern, it is again floral with cooler hues. The overall height is similar to the Indiana Blossoms Backpack.

The outward appearance of this bag is slightly different from others on this list. It has a front zip pocket without any added detailing, a pair of non-elastic side slip pockets, a main compartment in the center, and a hind zip compartment for a tech device.


  • Water-resistant
  • Relatively durable than lighten up fabrics with 100 polyester composition
  • Caters spot cleaning
  • Environment friendly
  • Affordable for a beautifully printed backpack


  • Recycled materials make it look less catchy
  • Suitable for daily urban use only

10. Vera Bradley Turquoise Sky Recycled Cotton Utility Backpack

Vera Bradley Turquoise Sky Recycled Cotton Utility Backpack

Now comes a few articles that fall under the $100 affordable range. This backpack with 50% recycled cotton composition comes in 12 variations (patterned and solids). Since other items on the list were either unisex or oriented, this can be used for baby boys due to a softer blue hue. 

This bag’s exterior has three zipped pockets: a front pocket and two on the sides. Although bigger zip pockets are smaller on the outer side, the front pocket has some basic detailing. That includes a pair of slip pockets and a pen holder slip pocket. 

Next in line is the inner, which is slightly different from other Vera Bradley backpacks. It comes with a flap covering its opening, and inside lies a drawstring to bring a larger pocket together. The lining of this inner pocket comprises a beautiful patterned floral fabric in blue.


  • An affordable product
  • Environment friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Medium in height (14 inches)
  • Zip side pockets
  • No compromise on the exterior fabric’s hue


  • Easily accessible main drawstring pocket
  • Relatively lesser pockets


Is Vera Bradley a good brand?

As per a report published in 2022, Vera Bradley has reached the level of a $540 million fashion brand. After all these years, it has retained a good position in the marketplace with almost 140 outlets across the US.

What sort of bags does Vera Bradley make?

Vera Bradley has been making various bags with a customer-centered mindset. Therefore, their products include tote bags, crossbody bags, backpacks, lunch bags, school bags, mini bags, baby bags, and even handbags.

Can Vera Bradley backpacks be used as diaper bags?

Vera Bradley has a separate range of diaper backpacks. However, regular bags from their store can also be utilized. 

What are Vera Bradley backpacks made of?

Vera Bradley backpacks are manufactured with various fabrics, each piece fulfilling a specific requirement. Commonly used stuff includes recycled cotton, polyester, twill fabric, and microfiber.

Are Vera Bradley backpacks washable?

Each product Vera Bradley makes is displayed on their website so customers can easily access product care instructions mentioned along each listed product. These product care instructions depend upon the materials used in their making.

How much does a Vera Bradley Backpack cost?

The cost depends on the manufacturing design and features. Pocket-friendly backpacks have basic features, while pricey products come with multiple practical solutions. However, the brand uses high-quality material in all bags regardless of price. 

Sum Up

It concludes our discussion on the best Vera Bradley backpacks as diaper bags. Vera Bradley offers customers specially crafted loads for carrying your baby’s essentials. However, these products are limited in number, and other backpacks from their store can also be used for the same purpose. They may not come with inbuilt ditty bags and detachable diaper-changing mats, but they can help busy parents manage their infants without having their arms occupied.

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