Top 10 Best Snacks for Maternity Hospital Bag

Here, we will provide a comprehensive list of wholesome and easy-to-eat best snacks for maternity hospital bags after or before a c-section, labor pain, or normal delivery.

In giving birth via c-section or normal delivery, mothers’ bodies have to go through a lot. There are some things that can facilitate you to walk through this process smoothly. One of them is to have some nutritious and healthy snacks in your maternity hospital bag when leaving the hospital.

These snacks not only help the mothers during their labor in the hospitals but also aid the fathers. As they have to spend long hours supporting and helping their mates to go through the labor without having time to go somewhere to eat.

Maternity Snacks

10 Best Snacks for Maternity Hospital Bag

These nutritious easy-to-grab snacks help mothers and fathers feel energetic during the whole process of giving birth to a new bee.

Nuts, Trail Mix, and Granola Bars

Nuts and trail mix are qualifying as the perfect snacks for packing in your maternity bag. As they are non-perishable so you can pack them in advance with your other maternity bag essentials. In addition, they provide protein, fiber, and healthy fats for keeping you feel full without extra jump of calories.

Dried apricots, raisins, nuts, and seeds come with tons of nutrients. A trail mix pack gives you a mouthwatering combination of nuts, seeds, chocolates, and dried fruits. You can also go for packing some of your favorite nuts separately but remember to always pack them in ziplock packs before putting them in your maternity bag.

Chose your favorite Granola bars and stock them for having a handy and healthy snack option in the hospital. It is also a great and easy snack to grab while caring for and nursing your newborn even at home.


Salty-flavored pretzels are often a good choice for nauseous mothers during labor. They usually feel this nauseous feeling because of the medicines, pregnancy hormones, hospital environment, and their specific smells.

Be sure to pack different flavored packs to excite your taste buds that will change throughout the day during your whole time in the hospital.


Greek or plain yogurt is great for a healthy hospital snack time. It provides healthy calories to the mothers without letting them feel full.

Additionally, yogurt comes with probiotics that help to keep the mom’s tummy calm and relaxed. It is also an instant source of carbohydrates and calories that are best for breastfeeding as well.

There are many smart packing solutions available in the market like Stonyfield organic yogurt tubes. Although they are meant for kids but can be a good choice as packable snacks for your maternity bag.

Applesauce Pouches

Applesauce pouches keep mothers and fathers energetic, as they are full of healthy carbohydrates and sugars. Moreover, applesauce is good for moms’ tummy because it is easy to digest. They are a non-perishable option because it is shelf-stable and doesn’t need any refrigeration.

They are easy to eat for instance Gogo squeeZ Apple Apple, just squeeze them and eat. Applesauce pouches are an instant source of energy between contractions.


Crackers are not only good for hungry moms but also a great hospital snack for dads. As they don’t have a strong fragrance, help settle the stomach instantly, and can be eaten easily with one hand while the other is free for holding your partner’s hand.

Bland or mild crackers are a perfect choice during labor. Because they come with easy-to-digest carbs and give you an instant burst of energy between cramps.

You can also go for sandwich crackers for a wholesome snack that comes with carbs, protein, fiber, and good calories.

Baby Carrots with Ranch Dip

This is healthy and easy-to-eat finger food. Dads and moms can eat them with one hand while the other is free for carrying or nursing the baby. Their small size makes them perfect for packing an endless supply for your maternity baggie and having an on-hand snack all the time.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are crunchy, easy to eat, tasty, and can be eaten without any spoons or forks. They are one of the best instant and portable hospital snacks for carrying in your maternity bag.

It gives you lots of fiber and carbs for keeping you feeling full for as long as possible.


A sandwich is undoubtedly a good and healthy idea, but try to go for a packable item like the famous P&J sandwiches that are easy to make, pack, and eat!

A wholemeal or wholegrain bread sandwich with healthy fillings such as chicken, humous or sliced banana can be a great choice for hospital snack time.


Whether you opt for homemade cookies or the ones from your favorite bakery, they are indeed a perfect hospital snack for moms or dads during the whole hospital time.

You can also choose whole-grain cookies with some chunky chocolate chips or sweet raisins. They keep you full and are nutritious for your whole hospital journey.

In short, cookies are definitely a no-perishable, easy-to-eat, healthy, packable, and instant source of energy for you and your partner.


Finally, don’t ever forget about some electrolytes and energy drinks. Keeping the mother hydrated is the first and foremost rule of the whole motherhood journey. So, do pack some bottles of coconut water, fruit juices, Milo, chocolate milk, or any other drink that you love to keep away from being dehydrated.

Always keep yourself hydrated by having hands-on drinks for retaining water during labor or after birth. Dads also thank you for the drinks! 

Tips to Pack Snacks in Maternity Bag

Here are tips for packing snacks in your maternity hospital bag before going to the hospital, during the delivery, or after leaving the hospital.

  • Firstly, talk to your doctor about your complete pregnancy journey for knowing what and when to eat.
  • Check the hospital food policy during labor, in advance.
  • Before packing the snacks, check what and how much food your hospital provides during the whole hospital stay for you and your partner.
  • Pick the snacks that require one-hand eating and need no extra utensils for eating them.
  • Keep the perishable snacks like yogurt cups or tubes, and applesauce in an insulated bag with an ice pack for keeping them in good condition. 
  • Use a zip lock bag for packing each item separately and fresh to use later.
  • Pack the crumble-to-be snack items in a container to prevent crumbs. 
  • Pack some extra to share with your loved one – the dads!

If your doctor doesn’t advise snacks during active labor because of potential chances of c-sections, induced labor, or any other risks, still pack them for the dads and for moms during the early labor & post-delivery phase.

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