How to Spot out Fake Designer Bags?

how to Spot out Fake Designer Bags

The cost of designer handbags is skyrocketing with every new season. Therefore, more and more ladies who love high fashion with a budget price tag, turn to fake designer bags. Thus, fake markets are growing day by day. However, we are presenting some tips and tricks from which anyone can easily spot out fake designer bags.

For instance, the quality of craftsmanship and various other factors can spot the fake designer bags. Moreover, designer bags are famous for the excellent work of their products, so savvy consumers can easily notice poor fakes.

Let’s get dive into our exclusive guide that will make you clear on how to spot out the fake designer bags and will keep you from wasting money on these fake copies.


Price is one of the key indicators of fake bags. There can be a discount on true designer bags, however, they are never reduced to extra cheap clearance prices. For instance, you catch a Louis Vuitton Bag being sold for $40, it’s definitely fake as the cost for this original designer bag typically begins at around $800.

Seller’s Location

Another vital indicator for knowing the authenticity is the seller’s location. Its obvious that you can’t find a genuine designer bag at a flea market or from a street vendor.


Retaining high consumer demand, designers limit the supply of each style in circulation, usually controlling the number of bags one consumer may purchase in a specific time frame. For example, normally three bags of one exclusive design per month. So if you find a seller with a dozen of the same sort of purse are probably trying to sell fake rather than the genuine item.

Material and Fabric

Genuine desiger bags never ever use lower-quality materials. In fake bags, you can feel their leather just like plastic instead of being soft and supple. Another indicator is the dye job. You can easily spot out that the fabric is uneven and splotchy in fake ones.


Real designer bags are renowed for their tight, even, and quality stitches. On the other hand, fake bags easily be identified by their loose, uneven stitches, even missing stitches, and shoddy workmanship. Moreover, their interior fabric is usually glued rather than sewn.

Labels and Designer Logos

Fake articles often have the labels printed in different fonts, smudgy letters, or even with misspellings. For instance, the designer’s name: Prada becomes Proda. Moreover, the logos of the fake bags printed on the interior linings often lack this detail. Tags and labels are always a giveaway to find out the fake rats.

Further, most authentic designer bags features signature logo plates. The real plates can be identified by their crisply printing, however, fake ones are often blurry or slightly inaccurate.

Authenticity documentation

Certificates of authenticity to prove the origins are another measure. Fake bags have commonly missed this paperwork, although sellers may say that it will be mailed or were simply lost.


Fake designer bags may come in unusal colors or styles that the authentic bags are not. Although sellers try to claim that this unusual design is simply unique and thus a better deal.


Genuine bags with rivets or crystals have straight lines and symmetrical spacing; while fake bags have not those quality details and may end up in poorly aligned accents.

Initial Damage

Authentic designer bags feature quality wrapping often in paper or tissue for shielding until they reach the consumer. Genuine designers would never sell scratch-and-dent items. On the other hand, fake designer bags may come with scratches, scuffs, small tears, and other seemingly minor imperfections.

Hopefully, you like our tips and tricks to spot out fake designer bags, easily. Comment below for adding more tips to find those fake bugs.

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