How to Wash a Duffel Bag with Wheels

Do you want to get rid of the stinky smell and dirt that gets trapped in your duffel bag after long day workouts, weekend road trips, camping, and beach days? No worries, we are here to guide you on how to wash a duffel bag with wheels.

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Easy and Quick Steps to Wash a Duffel Bag with Wheels

Although wheels provide extra comfort to your journey, remember, they’ll need extra care while washing. Follow the steps to wash a duffel bag that comes with wheels.

Step 1: Gather the washing material

  • A soft scrub brush
  • Old toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas like inside the wheels
  • Mild stain remover for pretreating
  • Mild detergent
  • Lukewarm water

Step 2: Prepare your bag for cleaning

First and foremost, prepare your duffel bag for washing.

Empty your duffel bag by:

  • Open all the compartments and pockets.
  • Make sure to remove everything inside.
  • Store your stuff separately and make sure to clean them before putting them inside your bag.

Secondly, make sure:

  • Remove any dust or dirt by turning your duffel bag inside out.
  • You can use a vacuum to remove any hidden dirt in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Remove any outer dust with your hand.

Finally, remove:

  • Any frames.
  • Detachable pockets and straps.
  • Detachable wheels.
  • Loose threads and fibers by trimming them down.

Step 3: Pretreating to remove stains

Pretreating will help you to completely get rid of stubborn stains. Follow the below instructions:

  • Treat the targeted stain by using a good stain remover.
  • Avoid using bleach (as it can damage the fabric).
  • Lightly scrub the targeted stain by using your old toothbrush.
  • Now, wait for half an hour to let the treatment work.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the label

Do read the instructions given on the label of the bag. Some bags come with specific instructions to wash the bag for example some come with washing instructions like:

  • Don’t submerge in the water.
  • Not suitable for hot water.
  • Not machine washable.
  • Don’t use bleach.

Step 5: Rinse it with clean water before washing

Before washing your bag with detergent, rinse it with clean lukewarm water. This will help in getting rid of any extra dirt and stink.

Step 6: Now wash your duffel bag with wheels

  • Firstly, make a soapy water solution by adding some mild detergent to lukewarm water.
  • Now clean your bag’s interior and exterior with a soft brush and soapy solution.
  • Clean the straps, zippers, tags, wheels, and other parts minutely.
  • Make sure to rotate the wheels while washing.
  • Put some water on the wheels to remove any dirt.
  • Clean the hard-to-reach areas of the wheels by using a thin brush.

Step 7: Rinsing and drying

  • Rinse the bag with clean lukewarm water to remove any soapy solution or dirt.
  • Make sure to dry the wheels right after rinsing as staying long in water can cause wheel damage.
  • Turn it inside out for hang or drip dry in natural light and air.
  • Drying under direct sunlight is a natural sanitizer that will remove germs and any residue smell. But make sure that is it suitable for the bag’s fabric.
  • For a fresh start:
    • Place some crumpled newspapers doused in your favorite essential oil in your empty dry bag overnight
    • Remove the newspapers in the morning.
    • This will give fragrance and shape to your bag.

Tips and Tricks to Wash a Duffel Bag with Wheels

  • Don’t use the bag until it’s completely dry. Using a semi-dry bag causes mold and a bad odor.
  • Use a lubricant for the wheels after drying for fuss-free rolling.
  • Don’t use a dryer as the dryer’s overheating can damage the synthetic and glued parts of the bag. Moreover, the bag’s zippers, buckles, and other metallic items can cause damage to your dryer drum.
  • After washing, use an antibacterial sanitizer wipe for thorough cleaning.
  • Try to use mild detergents that are free from dyes and chemicals.
  • Try to wash a duffel bag with wheels at least once a year, if you use it not on a frequent basis.
  • Make sure to wash a duffel bag with wheels a minimum after every three months, if you use it in frequent workout sessions, sports practices, dance classes, or swimming lessons.
  • You can use a protective spray like Scotch Guard to help keep your bag safe from future odors.

Take care of your rolling-mates as they bear your burden from workout sessions to weekend getaways, from business trips to weddingmoons, and from hiking trails to beaches & caves, etc.

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