How to use USB Charging port available in a Backpack?

In this era of advanced technology USB charging port is a must-have for everyone. Most people use backpacks with a USB charging port but they don’t understand how to use it. To help you with this, I have written a quick guide on how to use the USB charging port available in a backpack.

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How to use a USB charging port on a backpack?

USB charging port available in backpack

The reliable way to charge your phones while you are on your journey becomes easy through USB charging ports.

In some backpacks, the port is placed inside the bag, and in a few packs, it is located outside of the bag. Its usage is straightforward and beneficial.


  1. First, locate the USB charging port on your backpack. It is usually situated at the back of the bag, near the top.
  2. Next, find a power source for your USB charger. This can be done by plugging the USB cable into a laptop or computer, or by using a portable battery pack/power bank.
  3. Once you have found a power source, connect your USB charger to the port on your backpack.
  4. Now, locate your devices that need charging and plug them into the USB ports on your charger.
  5. Finally, wait for your devices to charge. Once they are finished, disconnect everything and pack up your backpack!

What are the types of USB backpacks?

Understanding the functionality of the USB port backpack is easy. Before we start using it, It is necessary to know about the different types of USB backpacks that are available in the market.

There are primarily three types of charging backpacks.

1. Backpack with charger built-in

Backpacks with chargers built-in are designed in such a way that the cable from the inside of the backpack is plugged into a power bank. These backpacks are not so familiar because they are a little expensive.

Built-in chargers hold advanced technology like the wireless charger pocket which will help you on your trip a lot.

The best example of a backpack with a wireless charger is HEX technical backpack.

2. Backpack with USB Charging Port

A backpack with a USB charging port usually includes a charging port on the outside of the bag. 

The integrated USB port is connected to a cable where you can easily attach your portable power bank to the inside of the backpack.

The overall functionality of this backpack is good but one of the drawbacks of this backpack is that you need a separate portable power because most of the backpack sellers do not provide it with the backpack. 

Another drawback of this backpack is the technology used in the USP port of this backpack is outdated.

These backpacks are readily available in the market, as they are quite affordable yet practical.

3. Backpack With Pass-through Cable

Backpacks with pass-through cables are a more versatile option for charging backpacks because you can use your own cables and portable power banks.

This feature helps you to upgrade the cable whenever you need it.

Advantages of the USB backpacks:

  • The USB backpacks are best to go with on travel trips.
  • It helps you to keep your devices charged while on the go.
  • You don’t have to carry a separate charger for your devices.
  • Your devices will always stay organized inside the backpack.

How long does it take to charge a USB port backpack?

It usually takes around four to five hours to charge a USB port backpack. However, this may vary depending on the power source and the number of devices you are charging. Even the quality of the cable can affect the charging time.

Note: The charging time can be reduced if you clean all the junk files and put your phone on airplane mode.

How to wash a backpack that has a USB charging port?

Do not wash your backpacks in the washing machine as It may damage the USB connector.

When you are washing it you must make sure you plug out the USB cable of the backpack and then wash it by hand.

Here is a quick guide to how to wash the backpack that has a USB charging port:

  • First, separate the USB cable from the port.
  • Find the place where the charging port is built inside the backpack, and slide your hand over the surface to feel the USB cable.
  • Now, hardly pinch the USB cable and lift it up. 
  • Take it out from the hole given in the backpack and removed the removable data cable from the backpack.  Now, the USB cable is secure and will remain damaged-proof. 
  • Now you can clean or wash the backpack carefully by hand and make sure not allow much water to flow in the port section as this can also damage the USB port.


In short, a backpack with a USB charging port can be a lifesaver on your travel trips. You can charge your mobile phone, laptop, lighting devices, etc anytime and anywhere with the help of a power bank and an extension cable by connecting them inside your backpack. 

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