How to Store Handbags Properly for Long-Lasting Beauty?

Well, it doesn’t matter how big or small your handbag collection might be, always give your handbag a little extra love. The more nicely you look after them, the longer they will last. When you are investing in a classic piece then it’s important to take care of them. Here, you’ll find how to store and maintain your handbags properly for long-lasting beauty.

It is quite simple to keep your handbags looking good for many years, as maintenance always starts with the very basics, such as cleaning, stuffing, and proper air circulation. Never do anything that will cause damage and lower the value of your handbags.

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9 Amazing Tips to Store Handbags Properly for Long-Lasting Beauty

Think about Storage

The handbag also needs to breathe. Avoid storing it in a plastic bag or sealed container as the finest bit of moisture can cause mildew. It’s better to store handbags with a pouch and silica gel, to keep any kind of moisture away. Store the handbags in a cool & dark place. As direct interaction with the sun causes the leather to discolor so store the bag in a dust bag or pillow cover.

Keep your Bag away from the Light

Too long of light exposure can cause damage. Place your bags somewhere without direct sunlight to protect them from any discoloration. Uncovering your bags to direct light can easily harm delicate leathers and colored fabrics. So keeping your handbags away from windows and direct sunlight is another way how to store your handbags properly, to restore long-lasting beauty.

Store Purses With Door Hooks

Doors can be quite useful, especially if you don’t have extra room in your wardrobe for purse storage. It doesn’t matter if you have just a few purses or you have had collections for years, you likely run into the problem of where to store your handbags. All you need is a few baskets or hooks and a little closet. Thus, you can easily hang your handbags to keep them organized and protected.

Tips to Hang:

  • Use S-shaped shower hooks for a comfortable way to hang your purses.
  • Design wire baskets on the side of your wardrobe to organize clutches.
  • Establish a tension rod if you have free vertical space.
  • Hang a pegboard if you want to hang a lot of bags and have plenty of space.
  • If you want to save space hang over-the-door hooks.

Install Shelf Cubbies or Storage Cubes

In order to retain the shape of your purses, preserve them standing upright in an unbent position. The best way is to install shelves or storage cubies to keep them well-maintained. Splitting and conquering diverse shapes and sizes by using cube containers within the rows allows you to efficiently organize your purses in a pleasant manner. To protect the quality of their fabric from declining or diminishing never forget to give your purses an ample quantity of ventilation. Pure material will require a good quantity of “breathing room” to avoid attracting mildew.

Clean your Handbag before Storing

Mix a tablespoon of mild laundry detergent or dish soap in a bowl of lukewarm water. Then dip a clean cloth in the solution and clean the entire bag. When done, rinse the cloth and dip it in plain water to flush off the detergent. Now, take a dry cloth and wipe over the handbag to dry.

Keep away from Rain and Moisture

Most bags come with a small sachet of silica gel to absorb excess moisture in the air, which you must never throw away. In some cities, the cold weather brings a lot of moisture that can lead to mold growth. If by chance your bag has become moldy, take it out and wipe it with a very smooth and dry cloth. Next, let it dry out completely for almost 24 hours. Rain is also not good for handbags and purses. As it can leave permanent damage on soothing leathers. Always keep in your bag a universal protective purse cover for emergency use.

Use a Wine Rack

An attractive wine rack is another tip for how to store your clutches and handbags properly. It is one of the best ideas for maintaining small purses and bags. Using a wine rack also acts as a decorative piece in your home. Depending on your room’s composition, you can purchase wine racks of different materials and colors. Arrange your clutches and handbags according to color to add a lovely charm.

Chrome Metal Tote Hangers

If your cabinet has a bunch of space, don’t let it go to waste. Get some metal hangers to hang your bags and clutches. These can be used to hang all your handbags beside your clothes, and you would not need any extra space to hang your bags.


If you don’t want to establish wall shelving, you can also store handbags on a bookcase very nicely. This is an amazing storage idea if you do not have existing built-in shelving in a wardrobe for your bags. There are many bookcase sizes to fit your requirements.

To keep your handbags standing upright without bending, you can use shelf dividers. When you place your handbags on a shelf or bookcase, make sure to set them properly so that purses don’t touch each other. If you don’t want discoloration or marks on your handbags, place them in sequence. You need to keep the handbag hardware from touching other handbags. This is especially for leather bags, as leather can be easily discolored or scraped.

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