Best Scandinavian Country to Live in and Why?

Best Scandinavian Country to Live in and Why?

Scandinavian Countries

“A group of northern European countries that includes Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, sometimes also Finland, Iceland and Faroe Islands. It also includes the people, languages, and culture of those countries”.

Scandinavian Countries

Best Scandinavian Country to Live In and Why?



Undoubtedly, Denmark is the best Scandinavian country. If you are looking for happiness and an excellent work-life balance then you are probably suited for Denmark. It ranks close to the top because it has easy to learn the language, health or social care, and quality of life. The environment of Denmark is also very good. It’s one of the exquisite destinations to visit. Further, they have so many historical places to explore with a lot of old museums. The language of Denmark is “Danish”.

Now, after knowing the best Scandinavian country to live in, let’s get dive into a number of reasons why to live in Denmark?

Why Denmark?

Some of the reasons to choose Denmark to live in include:

The Danish Lifestyle

Danish Lifestyle & work-life balance

Their lifestyle is very human-oriented, with an emphasis on culture, education, and social programs. All of these factors contribute to a very high standard of living in Denmark around the world. This country also offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy life through music and art scenes especially in Copenhagen. It also includes so many natural places to enjoy camping, hiking, and time at the seashore. They follow the green lifestyle, if you appreciate the outdoors you would love living here, as so many cars are replaced with bikes and you can easily go from one location to another in time.


Danish Food

Denmark is the place of amazing and delicious food and they have fine dine-in and mostly dine-out options. They have many Michelin restaurants all over the country. You can also enjoy their local food too, like Danish cheese.


Hygge means cozy, calm, and relaxed. It is all about making the most of the little things in life and enjoying a sense of coziness. All Scandinavian countries have their own way of hygge. When you come to Denmark you noticed the relaxed and peaceful environment, a lot of people on bikes, some people playing music, lounging, and barbecuing. The wintertimes call for hot chocolates and indoor gatherings while in summers people love to do sunbathing, swimming and picnics.

Safety and Healthcare

Danish Healthcare

It is one of the safest places to live in the world, even you have extraordinarily bad luck, there is a response available for you to help you manage your circumstances. Crime levels are low here and there is access to excellent health care if anything goes wrong. You have access to numerous educational opportunities during your stay. You will not charge when you visit a doctor. You will receive a small yellow card when you come to Denmark that can be used for everything in the public sector, there are no financial forms to fill out, bills to worry

Working Culture and Opportunities

Danish Working culture

The official workweek in Denmark is shorter than in other countries. The employers want you to stay at home and enjoy life with your family instead of staying in the office for so long. They believe in teamwork and everyone has the right to give their opinion. Employees living in Denmark rank among the most productive and hardworking in Europe.

Moreover, they give you access to professional childcare, so you can go back to work having a child with minimal issues. You have so many employments opportunities present in Denmark according to your choice. Denmark also has the lowest income inequality rates in the world.

Welfare for All

Denmark flags

Denmark has the most famous welfare system. It is one the most generous welfare system across the world, it provides plenty of services to citizens, free of cost like:

  • Free education
  • Maternity benefits
  • Child allowance up-to age 18
  • Pristine parks and public spaces
  • Bicycle lanes and well maintained roads
  • Public transports
  • Well maintained beaches and wilderness areas


Air Travel

If you are living in Denmark you will be part of the Schengen agreement, which means you can travel freely to countries throughout Europe without worrying about visas and passports. I think this is the best part of living in Denmark if you like traveling.

Although Denmark does have its downside too, their language is a lit bit difficult to learn, the weather is also sometimes challenging especially in winters. Their prices for some daily-use items are also expensive.

But you can’t ignore Denmark as the best Scandinavian country to live in and we already give you a number of reasons, why to say so!

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