Best Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holder

What about having a gym bag that not only swallows up your sneakers, workout attire, water bottle, towel, headphones, etc. but also provides you with a specified space to carry your yoga mat in a chic way? These trendy bags are designed for fitness enthusiasts who want to stay healthy without compromising their style and looks.

But with countless brands offering innovative designs, you might wonder which is worth investing in. And that’s where our guide comes in handy. From sleek and minimalist designs to those bursting with extra pockets, we’ve sifted the online marketplaces to come up with a list of the best gym bags with yoga mat holders.

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Top-Selling Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holders

It’s time to say goodbye to those mat-carrying struggles and embrace the world of convenience, style, and trend with the following gym bags with yoga mat holders.

Capelli Sports yoga mat gym bag

Capelli Sports yoga mat gym bag

First up, we have a Capelli gym bag. This nylon backpack is ideal if you are looking for a stylish way to carry your yoga mat and other workout gear. The bag features a spacious yoga mat holder with a breathable mesh panel to keep your mat dry. 

However, that doesn’t mean this bag has one big pit to store all your workout gear. It has separate compartments for bottles, towels, clothes, and other accessories. And carrying the bag is also super-easy and relaxed because it features an adjustable cross-body strap to uplift your trendy look.


  • Stylish design and attractive shades
  • Long-lasting
  • Weather-resistant
  • Comfortable handling
  • Easy-to-wash
  • Affordable


  • Size choices unavailable

Why we choose this:

We choose the Capelli gym sports bag due to its perfect blend of style and functionality. The durable construction with mindful design ensures long-lasting performance. No matter how big your yoga mat is or how many items you want to keep with you during your workout session, this bag will never disappoint you. Overall, it is the best value for the price and would be a great addition to any yoga enthusiast’s arsenal.

Moyaqi Versatile Canvas Nylon Gym Tote Bag

Moyaqi Versatile Canvas Nylon Gym Tote Bag

Next on the list is the Moyaqi Versatile Canvas Nylon Gym Tote Bag. It is made from durable cotton canvas and nylon fabric. The perfect blend of materials makes this bag lightweight, wear-resistant, and easy to clean. The standout feature? It has a roomy built-in yoga mat compartment. 

Hence, you can easily transport your mat to and from your yoga class regardless of size. Moreover, the bag has a padded laptop sleeve to help you stay connected with your workspace. And if it’s not enough, there are multiple other compartments to organize your belongings.


  • Durable construction
  • Water-resistant
  • Specified spaces for everything
  • All-purpose bag


  • Costly

Why we choose this:

We added this to our list because it is a great all-around bag perfect for yoga, travel, or everyday use. Whether It’s durability, chic style, or a big yoga mat holder with padded multiple compartments, the Moyaqui tote bag is worth investing in. Besides, the feature that attracted us the most is its versatility. For example, you can fold it as a casual tote bag while traveling or shopping. 

DYNWAVE Large Gym Bag with Yoga Matt

DYNWAVE Bag for gym

Moving on our list of best gym bags with a yoga mat holder, we have the DYNWAVE Large Yoga Bag. It’s a true game-changer for yoga enthusiasts due to its trendy design, meaningful construction, and sporty look.

With a specified zipped compartment for yoga mats, this gym bag is a convenient and secure way to walk to your fitness center. The other thing that makes this bag stand out is its lightweight yet durable construction.

Made from high-quality waterproof Oxford cloth, it’s tough and built to last. And don’t be fooled by its name – this bag is more than just a yoga mat carrier. Whether going to a weekend picnic or embarking on outdoor adventures, the Dynwave bag has you covered.


  • Easy carrying and access
  • Durable
  • Ample space
  • Multi-purpose


  • Limited color options.
  • Slightly oversized

Why we choose his:

We’ve selected this gym bag due to its exceptional combination of practicality and quality. The adjustable strap ensures effortless transport, while the waterproof Oxford cloth guarantees durability. 

What’s more interesting is its spacious design which can easily hold yoga gear and personal items. Although color options are limited, and the big size may not suit everyone, the bag’s overall functionality, and durability make it the best pick on our list.

LOKASS Duffle Gym Bag

LOKASS Duffle Gym Bag

This gym bag is a must-have addition to your active and healthy lifestyle. With ample 50L capacity, Lokass bags allow you to store anything related to your workout. What’s impressive? A dedicated yoga mat holder, ensuring your mat stays securely in place during your journeys to the gym, studio, or beyond.

Regarding manufacturing, the brand used superior-quality and tear-resistant fabric with a waterproof coating to build this robust gym bag. Hence, this bag is going to be your sincere companion, no matter what the situation is.

Example of impressive construction includes a separate ventilated shoe compartment, wet pockets for damp items, and an insulated pocket for your convenience. So, whether you’re headed to the gym, embarking on a weekend getaway, or exploring new horizons, the “LOKASS Duffle Gym Bag” guarantees a complete package of style and functionality.


  • Spacious storage space
  • 10 well-designed pockets
  • Secured yoga mat holder
  • Excellent durability
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Pricey

Why we choose this:

We are impressed by the bag’s comprehensive features that cater to fitness enthusiasts and travelers alike. With enough room and pockets, this bag offers exceptional functionality. We also appreciated the versatility of switching between backpack, shoulder bag, and handbag modes. Whether heading to the gym, hitting the road, or exploring the outdoors, this bag perfectly explains purposeful fashion.

Yogi Large Yoga Mat Carrier

Yogi Large Yoga gym bag with Mat Carrier

This bag boasts a spacious interior that accommodates most of your yoga essentials. After experimentation, we found that this bag can “easily” hold various mat sizes, two yoga blocks, two ‘standard size’ mats, a towel, a water bottle, & clothes because it features a large main compartment and a small front pocket. Other things, if left, can be “adjusted”.

Talking about construction, the bag is crafted with premium materials, making it lightweight and durable. And the versatility of this bag is also an interesting part. The thoughtful design transitions from just a yoga mat gym bag to Dora’s magic backpack– enclosing anything, anytime.


  • Roomy storage
  • Best for all-sized yoga mats
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Multi-purpose


  • Less secure

Why we choose this:

Seamlessly merging practicality and style, the Yogi Large Yoga Mat Carrier gym bag is best at helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle without compromising style. Its spacious design comfortably accommodates a variety of items, leading to hassle-free workout sessions. 

While we appreciated the simplicity and quick accessibility of things due to the bag’s zipper-less design, some people may find it less secure. Overall, this bag is a true blend of convenience, durability, and style, making it the perfect option for those seeking a practical all-in-one solution.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag

Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag

This efficiently crafted nylon bag is a testament to the brand’s commitment to convenience and style. It can effortlessly carry up to a 6mm yoga mat between its straps, making it a go-to choice for yogis tight on schedule.

Furthermore, its roomy duffle design boasts a spacious zipper opening, ensuring secure packaging for studio sessions, gym workouts, and even overnight stays. And the availability of exterior zipper-free pockets offers enough storage and easy access to yoga essentials like a water bottle, towel, etc.

Handling is a breeze too. The detachable shoulder strap with adjustable settings enhances commuting comfort. All these features make the Gaiam gym bag an affordable and practical choice for storing everything needed for an active lifestyle.


  • Robust construction
  • Trendy shade
  • Ample storage
  • Multiple outer spaces
  • Detachable straps
  • Versatile


  • Uncomfortable to hold

Why we choose this:

Gaiam Bag seamlessly merges practicality and style. From durable construction and attractive color to multiple storages, this bag would be ideal for those seeking a blend of functionality and fashion in their yoga mat carrier. And its versatility also impressed us. This bag effortlessly adapts from daily routines to spontaneous adventures, making it a cost-effective solution. 

NATI LINE Yoga Mat Bag

NATI LINE gym Yoga Mat bag

Say goodbye to the struggle of fitting various mat sizes with the NATI LINE Yoga Mat Bag. Its ingenious elastic straps effortlessly hold any yoga mat, whether large or a basic one. Meanwhile, the strong and durable clutches remind you that the mat won’t go anywhere, just straight to your yoga place.

And don’t think of this bag as just a mat carrier. It features a big space to organize all your exercise gear with the certification of security on the go in the form of zippers. Moreover, the elastic mesh pocket adds convenience, accommodating your large water bottles. And two inner pockets are perfect for your phone and small accessories.


  • Adjustable mat holder
  • Multi-purpose
  • Stylish geometry
  • Eye-catchy and classic color
  • Waterproof


  • Only one size is available

Why We Choose This:

We aimed to find gym bags that provide the best of all worlds, i.e. versatile enough to adapt themselves to your needs. And NATI LINE Yoga Mat Bag is just what we were looking for. Its mindful design, i.e. specified yoga mat holder, big zipper space, several side pockets, and trendy looks, makes it a true all-in-one solution. 

Cico Rider Sports Gym Bag

Cico Rider pink bag yoga gym bag

This gym bag boasts a specialized yoga mat holder with elastic straps that can be adjusted to mat thickness, catering specifically to yogis and fitness devotees. It is manufactured using durable & water-resistant polyester.

Besides freeing you from carrying a yoga mat separately, the bag also helps you stay hygienic. It includes a dedicated shoe compartment with ventilation to keep shoes fresh and a wet pocket to isolate wet items. Whether heading to yoga class, the gym, or a wellness retreat, this gym bag will enhance your journey.


  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable and easy to carry
  • Waterproof
  • Secure


  • Pricey

Why we choose this product:

The Cico Rider Sports Gym Bag is an excellent choice for women due to its innovative design, attractive pink shade, and various specialized compartments. With multiple added features, this gym bag offers convenience and functionality in one stylish package. The price is high for those on budgets. But it’ll be a one-time investment.

WRASCO Multiple-Style Yoga Mat Bag


Now comes the show-stopper in yoga mat transportation. This bag simplifies your yoga routine with its unique and specialized yoga mat compartment. This space is designed to fit up to a 7″ yoga mat snugly in rolled diameter, ensuring your mat stays securely in place.

But the convenience doesn’t stop there – it also offers room for your essentials, including pockets for your towel, bottle, and more. Its luxurious and chic design adds a touch of elegance with beautiful shades, making it an excellent choice for both men and women.


  • Very attractive design
  • Large space for yoga mats
  • Multiple spaces with zippers
  • Easy to carry


  • No size choices

Why we choose this:

This gym backpack seamlessly blends functionality, durability, and style. Its adaptable design ensures you can switch between various types, while the thoughtfully designed compartments offer ample space for essentials, particularly big yoga mats.

How to Choose a Good Gym Bag With Yoga Mat Holder?

Going shopping without knowing what you need in a product is like venturing into a dense forest without a map or compass, no direction, no clear choices. Therefore, it’s important to consider these essential elements when purchasing a gym bag with a yoga mat holder.

Size and Capacity:

Firstly, consider the bag’s storage space. It depends on how many items you typically carry to the gym.

Number of compartments/ pockets:

The second thing to look for is the bag’s number of pockets. Multiple compartments and pockets help keep your items organized.

Specialized spaces:

Also, consider buying a gym bag with separate compartments for shoes, wet clothes, yoga mats, and other accessories.

Material and Durability:

The next element to consider is the material. Look for a bag made from durable materials like cotton, nylon, etc. These materials are known for their sturdiness and wear/tear resistance. Hence, they are best for regular use.


Moreover, ensure the bag is comfortable to handle. Padded shoulder straps, comfortable handles, and even a padded back can make carrying the backpack more comfortable.


Checking the closure mechanism is equally important while buying the best gym bag. For example, zippers are secure, while drawstrings offer quick access.


Buying a gym bag doesn’t necessarily mean it should be used only during workout plans. A good backpack is versatile enough to fulfill your traveling or commuting needs. Hence, look for bags with multi-purpose designs.


That’s all there is to know about the best gym bags with yoga mat holders. We hope this guide has helped you understand what a good gym bag entails and the best options on the market nowadays. 

From classic-style big designs to trendy yet functional compact gym bags, we have covered all options that are gaining huge praise globally due to their construction, design, style, and cost-effectiveness. 

However, the ultimate choice is yours because every person has different needs. One thing that looks off to you may seem a huge benefit to others. So, evaluate your options before pressing the “add to cart” button. 

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