Best Eco-Friendly Luggage for Traveling

Eco-traveling is all about exploring, loving, sustaining, and staying close to nature. Any change can’t start from doing something really big, it grows by taking little but conscious steps. Conscious traveling can start from choosing rail travel over air travel, using reusable water bottles, or simply by buying secondhand & eco-friendly luggage for your next traveling destination.

Buying secondhand or preloved luggage not only costs you less but also lessens the demand for manufacturing more. Also, reduces the number of things that eventually pile up in landfills. Some of the latest online resale sites and apps make it easier to buy, borrow, or even exchange your luggage. Some sites and apps are Gear TradeThe RealReal, OfferUp app, Craigslist app, Listia app, and Facebook groups like “Buy Nothing” are good for conscious traveling.

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Top 5 Best Eco-Friendly Luggage for Traveling Green!

Best Eco-Friendly Luggage for Traveling
Eco-Friendly Luggage

Eagle Creek Gear Warrior Carry-On Eco-Friendly Luggage

The Eagle Creek comes with eco-friendly luggage that ranges from duffels to travel accessories. They use sustainable & eco-friendly materials such as 100% recycled PET ripstop with recycled coating. Further, they manufacture their luggage line without using any toxic material like polyvinyl chloride plastics to keep the environment from contamination.

Eagle Creek Gear Warrior Carry-On Eco-Friendly Luggage


  • Comes to adore adventure and outdoor traveling with treaded wheels while being environmentally conscious.
  • Overall bag dimension is 16 x 30 x 12.75 in with a weight of 7 lbs 13 oz.
  • Features a sturdy kick plate that keeps your bag moving smoothly and safe over uneven terrain.
  • Moreover, the Great warrior comes with an expandable main compartment.
  • Made from water-repellent heavy-duty and eco-friendly material.
  • In addition, it has a padded compartment for securing your laptop, while traveling as a digital nomad.
  • It also features an equipment keeper on its exterior that holds jackets and other quick-access gear.
  • Further, an attached Porter Key bottle opener is readily available for enjoying drinks during traveling.
  • It also has a laminated exoskeleton to reinforce high-wear and pressure areas.
  • Finally, as an eco-friendly practice they introduce “NO MATTER WHAT WARRANTY” that covers:
    • A Lifetime Warranty promise.
    • An added lifetime insurance for product repair/replacement due to damage or failure for any reason.
  • They come in different sizes and colors to be a good buddy for every adventurer.

Herschel Supply Co. Eco Retreat Backpack

The iconic Hershel Supply Co. Eco mountaineering-style backpack is proudly made with recycled fabrics and is a perfect choice for frequent travelers.

Herschel Supply Co. Eco Retreat Backpack


  • This unisex backpack uses recycled thermoplastic elastomer in its manufacturing.
  • Uses 100% recycled fabric in its exterior and inner lining.
  • Further, it uses recycled/reuse print.
  • It features a safe compartment for securing up to a 15″ laptop.
  • Moreover, it has a secure drawcord closure.
  • Comes with recycled webbing, textured rubber straps, magnetic fastenings, and metal pin buckles for making it more attractive, practical, and sustainable.
  • Also, it has contoured shoulder straps for comfy handling.
  • It has one front exterior pocket for quick access bits.
  • Moreover, dual slide-in exterior pockets for water bottles or umbrellas.
  • Overall dimension is 31 x 45 x 14 cm with a weight of only 2lbs/3.2oz.

Mobile Edge ScanFast Checkpoint Eco-Friendly Laptop Backpack

The new ScanFast 2.0 collection by Mobile Edge store uses DuPont Sorona material. This eco-friendly material is utilized partially Agricultural Feedstocks – corn for its making. Further, it needs 30% less energy as compared to Petrochemical products and also lessens the resulting greenhouse emissions by 63%. Eventually, make it a travel + environment-friendly backpack.

Mobile Edge ScanFast Checkpoint Eco-Friendly Laptop Backpack


  • This checkpoint-friendly laptop backpack offers fast airport screening by reducing the time of taking the laptop out of the backpack.
  • Moreover, it is a laptop giant that stores up to 17.3″ laptops and up to 17″MacBooks.
  • The laptop compartment is separate, padded, and well-secured with a dimension of 16.75 x 1.8 x 11.2.
  • Using Sorona material that comes from corn makes it an eco-friendly tycoon.
  • The ergonomic cool-mesh back panel is a sweat-free comfy feature.
  • Further, the padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry.
  • Also, features easy access accessory pockets for convenience.
  • Finally, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Solo New York Retreat Carry On

The eco-conscious Solo New York brand comes with a slogan of “Saving the earth one bag at a time”. Their recycled luggage line adds a sustainable touch to sleek designs. Each of the items in its retreat collection is made with recycled materials. They aim to recycle 40,000,000 plastic bottles by 2024, as they say, that they give a second life to the plastic bottles in the form of sustainable bags.

Solo New York Retreat Carry On


  • It is a rolling carry-on that is made from recycled pet bottles.
  • Further, this carry-on meets all the carry-on requirements for most airlines.
  • It comes with two easy-access front exterior zippered pockets.
  • Moreover, there is a telescoping luggage handle for easy rolling.
  • Back with a 5-year guarantee.
  • The stylish rolling carry-on makes your travel more dynamic and eco-friendly.
  • In addition, the inline skate wheels are good for smooth gliding over the surfaces.
  • For further convenience, there is a push-button handle that extends and retracts for smooth rolling.
  • The carry-on surface is water-resistant, antimicrobial, and sanitize-able.
  • Overall size is 20.2 x 15.2 x 9.5.

ChicoBag rePETe Compact Recycled Backpack

This brand not only utilizes 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles in manufacturing but also uses 100% recycled and recyclable packaging for their products. Their Eco mission is about practicing ethical manufacturing, socially responsible practices, and zero waste operations.

ChicoBag rePETe Compact Recycled Backpack


  • The eco-friendly backpack is entirely packable that easily pack into a built-in storage pouch that is attached with the backpack by a metal carabiner clip that is made from 78% recycled aluminum.
  • Further, it comes with 100% recycled PET breathable webbing shoulder straps.
  • Also, an adjustable sternum strap for adding extra comfort and stabilization, while carrying on back.
  • Machine washable.
  • The travel pack is lightweight of about only 204grams weight but has a large capacity of 15liters.
  • It is a durable travel pack with a tough exterior and hardware which is also 100% recycled nylon.
  • Further, it comes with two side bottle pouches and a storage area for a hydration reservoir to make you hydrated all day while on an adventure.
  • Available in 3 chic designs and colors.

Key Features of Eco-Friendly Luggage for Traveling


Eco-friendly luggage should be manufactured from:

  • Recycled material such as recycled plastic, recycled Polyester, and recycled Nylon
  • Organic material
  • Material from upcycling ocean waste

Luggage Parts

Besides recycled material, the parts of the luggage should also be made from recycled material like recycled:

  • Shells
  • Lining
  • Zippers
  • Handles
  • Some even come with recycled wheels

Durable & further Recyclable

The next thing is to choose the luggage that lasts long, can be exchanged, or can be further recyclable. Some eco-friendly companies even offer free repairs to keep the luggage from going to waste.

Being Socially Ethical

Besides manufacturing products from recycled products, the manufacturing company should:

  • Fund in environmental projects
  • Establish high ecological standards
  • Ensure no harm to animals from design to the distribution level
  • Moreover, don’t use any animal products in manufacturing 
  • Proper compensation policy for all workers and employees

Here are some conscious brands that strive for eco-friendly practices from product designing to the product distribution stage. They feature different styles, colors, specifications, sizes, and materials of luggage. Moreover, their products are manufactured to last and further can be recycled, thus less waste for landfills.


Osprey always strives for innovation, performance, and durable products that are designed for a lifetime while being socially and environmentally responsible by using eco-friendly chemical-free materials and leaving less trace. The Osprey luggage is purely manufactured under Global Recycle Standard [GRS].

Moreover, they use bluesign®-approved recycled, toxic-free, and renewable materials to keep the environment free from waste and toxic chemicals. In addition, the big surprise that Osprey comes with is its especial “All Mighty Guarantee” with all of its products. With this service, they repair any damage or defect free of cost, no matter what is the reason for that damage or when you bought that piece of luggage.


In 2018, the popular brand – Samsonite initiated its Recyclex™ program that focuses on using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles in its 21 worldwide collections. In 2020, they launched “Our Responsible Journey” which commits to sustainable practices in manufacturing like more use of recycled and consciously sourced materials. Further, they strive to reduce environmental impact from manufacturing by using:

  • Less energy
  • Reduce water usage
  • Less waste
  • Low carbon emission

Samsonite recently launched their ECO-Nu luggage collection that uses Recyclex® polyester fabric (100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles) in its manufacturing. Moreover, they use VAC eco-environmental for coating their luggage line.


Reimagining travel with Paravel! By using “Negative Nylon” material in the interior lining of Aviator suitcases, packing cubes, totes, and backpacks. The negative nylon fabric is made from recycling 1.5 million plastic PET bottles. Besides the overall material of luggage, they use eco-friendly practices in all luggage parts:

  • Recycled polycarbonate material for making the luggage exterior shells
  • Aircraft-grade recycled aluminum for the handles
  • Vegan leather in detailing
  • Recycled zippers

Further, they make their luggage more durable to last for long, eventually ending up with less waste for landfills.

Lo & Sons

Helen Lo with her two sons started this small family-owned business to craft premium products made from organic and recycled materials while leaving a positive impact on the environment. They aim to be a 100% sustainable & eco-friendly brand in the future.

Moreover, some of their popular eco-friendly luggage options are chic totes or weekenders. They are made with love and organic canvas. It feels so natural that sometimes you can even see some of the seeds on the fabric. The totes by Lo & Sons are eco-friendly, durable, spacious, and functional, come with a bottom shoe compartment, a messenger strap, a suitcase handle, and lots of pockets for proper organization.


The brand’s mission is:

  • By 2025, they aim to cut ocean plastic in half
  • Partners The Plastic Bank for future ocean clean-up projects that not only work on cleanup the ocean but also create more employment opportunities in the Philippines

Solgaard carry-on closet bag is manufactured from 5 pounds of recycled ocean plastics. A practical carry-on accepted by all airlines. It comes with TSA-approved locks, a USB charging port, and a built-in 6 shelf closet system that packs for a week’s travel. Finally, the bag comes with a 10-year warranty and claims to be long-lasting to lessen waste.

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