10 Must-Have Things to Keep in a Purse

Want to know the 10 must-have things to keep in a purse?

Here, I have discussed the essential items that every lady should checklist to put in her purse when leaving home.

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What are the 10 Must-Have things to keep in a Purse?

10 Must-have things to keep in a Purse

I know it sounds like a lot, but actually, it isn’t once you get a good size bag with the proper pocket organization.

I don’t carry a diaper bag anymore, as my son is now 5 years old. However, I still have plenty of must-have purse essentials.

First is the…

Hand Sanitizer & Face Masks

Hand Sanitizer and Face masks

In the time of Covid-19, we all desperately need to put hand sanitizer and face masks in our purses to keep ourselves and others safe. However, hand sanitizer is not a replacement for washing your hands, but it’s a great alternative when you can’t get a sink right away.

Do keep extra sanitizer and face masks in your purse for you or others, in times of emergency.



A mini-vaseline is a must-have and multipurpose item for your purse. As, it can be used as a lip balm, blister prevention, hair-setting gel, moisturizer, and makeup remover all in one small container that only requires a tiny space in your purse.

Pack of Travel Tissues

Pack of Travel Tissues

We all need tissues for allergies, winter colds, crying during sad movies, sudden spill-overs, showing kindness to strangers, or when your kid wants to eat snacks or jelly with their hands.



It’s not only to shield your eyes from the sun and flashlights, but you just look more organized when you’re around a bunch of other moms, hiding your tired eyes behind your shades.

Medications & Bandaids

Medications & Bandaids as must-have things to keep in a purse

I always keep something on hand to take the edge off a bad headache or other body pain. Do put some OTC anti-inflammatory or pain medication in your bag for an emergency.

Moreover, do keep a few bandages for foot sores from new shoes, accident-prone or kids’ mischiefs.

Feminine Products

Feminine Products as must have things to keep in a purse

Feminine Products i.e. sanitary pads, tampons, and many others are must-have essential things to put in a lady’s purse. In fact, these are not only a must-have for you or for others if someone asks them from you in case of emergency.

Water Bottle & a Healthy Snack

Water Bottle & a Healthy Snack as must-have things to keep in a purse

I always carry a water bottle with me, for me and my little one. Having water with you is crucial whether you need it for your kid, to rinse a scrape, if anyone is thirsty, or for any emergency situation.

Smartphone & Headphones

Smartphone & Headphones

A smartphone is a key item to be with you, all time. Not only for contacting but also for maps, to keep kids distract, or even having access to bill payments and banking. Keep this in a quick-access pocket because nothing is more frustrating than finding your phone when it’s ringing.

Moreover, headphones are also essential stuff to listen to music, as a social cue that you’re not in the mood for a conversation with a stranger or to not disturb your seatmate.

Portable Charger for your Phone

Portable Charger for your Phone

No one wants a dead phone in a time of emergency. So, do put a portable phone battery charger in your bag.

Identity Documents

Identity Documents

Last but not least, whether you are commuting locally, nationally, or internationally – keep your identity documents with you in the quick-access pocket of your bag.

Important Note

The must-have things vary from person to person and from situation to situation. However, I try my best to put together all the essential things to put in a purse.

All you need is a practical as well as a stylish bag to put all these in a proper manner. So, there will be no more digging and no more frustration.

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